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Connection Pooling - Ruby - About.com
This is related to the thread safety feature. Rails can now manage a pool of thread-safe database connections to certain databases (MySQL included). Threads ...
A First Look at (Borland Developer Studio) Delphi 2006 - About.com
Support for MySQL 4.0.24 BDP Provider. Support for new Oracle 9i data types. BDP.NET : you can now use connection pooling to decrease connection time by  ...
Question 2 - Tech Certification - About.com
client server systems tier systems maintenance problem business logic connection pooling: Question 2 on the Java SCEA practice quiz.
Can One Home Network Share Two Internet Connections?
A method called multi-homing allows one local area network to share multiple connections to the Internet. Configuring a home network for multi-homing might ...
MS SQL Server/Run time error -2147467259 - AllExperts
Feb 21, 2004 ... ... this does clear up the connection. it sounds like something weird is going on with connection pooling. I used to see this occasionally with...
A First Look at (CodeGear) Delphi 2007 for Win32 - What's New
DBX4 is a single compatible native and managed code database infrastructure that simplifi es the writing of data drivers and supports connection pooling.
SQL Server Resource Governor - Databases - About.com
The internal resource pool is used for SQL Server's own administrative tasks. ... to the appropriate workload group based upon attributes of the connection.
What Is DHCP in Computer Networking? - Wireless/Networking
Key DHCP parameters include the range or "pool" of available IP addresses, the correct subnet ... The Simplest Network: Connecting Two Computers Together.
A First Look at (CodeGear) Delphi 2007 for Win32 - RTL / VCL ...
... with support for Windows Vista, AJAX, and streamlined database connectivity. ... and StrLen; DBX4 Database connectivity framework with connection pooling, ...
Top Ten Ideas for Recruiting Great Candidates - Human Resources
Forward thinking employers recruit a candidate pool of qualified potential ... the chances are, you and your employees are instantly connected to hundreds, and ...
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