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Connection Pooling - Ruby - About.com
If you want to control the size of the connection pool, add a pool key to the appropriate sections of your database.yml file. For example, your production database ...
Question 2 - Tech Certification - About.com
client server systems tier systems maintenance problem business logic connection pooling: Question 2 on the Java SCEA practice quiz.
Java: JSP Connection Pooling, jaspreet singh, class requests
Expert: Jaspreet Singh - 4/29/2004. Question I am making database connection in every JSP page, and performing query and DML operations. I want to know ...
Can One Home Network Share Two Internet Connections?
So-called multi-homing configurations allow one local area network to share multiple connections to external networks like the Internet. Some people wish to ...
A First Look at (Borland Developer Studio) Delphi 2006 - About.com
NET : you can now use connection pooling to decrease connection time by using a connection from an existing pool. BDP.NET : Reconcile Error Dialog: When ...
A First Look at (CodeGear) Delphi 2007 for Win32 - What's New
DBX4 is a single compatible native and managed code database infrastructure that simplifi es the writing of data drivers and supports connection pooling.
A First Look at (CodeGear) Delphi 2007 for Win32 - RTL / VCL ...
... with support for Windows Vista, AJAX, and streamlined database connectivity. ... and StrLen; DBX4 Database connectivity framework with connection pooling, ...
SQL Server Resource Governor - About Databases
The default resource pool is for SQL Server sessions not assigned to a workload ... to the appropriate workload group based upon attributes of the connection.
Delphi Thread Pool Example Using AsyncCalls - About.com
A thread pool is a queue-like class feeding a number of running threads with the next task from the queue. Ads. &ensp .... How to Connect Your iPad to Your TV.
fetchmail - Linux Command - Unix Command
If a given connection receives too many timeouts in succession, fetchmail will consider it ...... will never drop the connection and allow other pools to occur unless.
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