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Conditional Statements - Ruby - About.com
These are some common tasks a car computer might perform, and they're all in the form of "if...then" statements, also known as conditional statements.
Conditionals - Ruby - About.com
These statements are called conditional statements. The most simple form of a conditional statement is the if statement. Simply put, an if statement will do one ...
The Ternary (or "Conditional") Operator - Ruby - About.com
To put this another way, the conditional operator is like an if statement. Remember that if statements in Ruby evaluate to the last value in block that gets executed ...
Learn Conditional Statements in PHP - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Learn PHP from a simple web based tutorial. Learn to use conditional statements in PHP programing.
Definition for the Java Term: Conditional Statements - About.com
Conditional statements allow a program to execute a certain piece of code based on a decision. For example, say you want to convert some text entered in by a ...
What Is a Conditional Statement? - Statistics - About.com
One example of an important class of logical statements includes those that are called conditional statements. Conditional statements are also known as “if-then”  ...
If-Then and If-Then-Else Conditional Statements in Java - About.com
The if-then and if-then-else conditional statements let a Java program make simple decisions about what to do next. They work in the same logical way as we do ...
Nesting Conditional Statements in PHP - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Learn PHP from a simple web based tutorial. Learn to use conditional statements in PHP programing, and learn to nest conditional statements within each other.
Conditional Statements - English as 2nd Language - About.com
However, making conditional statements are an important part of fluency. This lesson focuses on helping students improve their recognition of the structure and  ...
Google Spreadsheets IF Function - About.com
The IF function in Google Spreadsheet tests to see if a certain condition in a spreadsheet is true or false. This tutorial includes a step by step example.
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