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Conditional Statements - Ruby - About.com
Conditional statements are what makes computer programs tick. Without conditional statements, all computer programs would follow the same path from ...
Conditionals - Ruby - About.com
These statements are called conditional statements. The most simple form of a conditional statement is the if statement. Simply put, an if statement will do one ...
The Case Statement in Ruby - About.com
As you can see, this is structured something like an if/else if/else statements. The name (which we'll call the ... and 'class' · Conditionals · Conditional Statements ...
Learn Conditional Statements in PHP - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Learn PHP from a simple web based tutorial. Learn to use conditional statements in PHP programing.
If-Then and If-Then-Else Conditional Statements in Java - About.com
The if-then and if-then-else conditional statements let a Java program make simple decisions about what to do next. They work in the same logical way as we do ...
Nesting Conditional Statements in PHP - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Learn PHP from a simple web based tutorial. Learn to use conditional statements in PHP programing, and learn to nest conditional statements within each other.
Definition for the Java Term: Conditional Statements - About.com
Conditional statements enable a program to make a decision and preform an action based on that decision.
What Is a Conditional Statement? - Statistics - About.com
Conditional statements are common in logic and mathematics. These if-then statements are used particularly in the statements and proofs of theorems.
What Are the Contrapositive, Converse and Inverse? - Statistics
Conditional statements make appearances everywhere. In mathematics or elsewhere, it doesn't take long to run into something of the form “If P then Q.” ...
Google Spreadsheets IF Function - About.com
The IF function lets you set conditions and returns different results depending on whether the condition is TRUE or FALSE. A step by step example is included.
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