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Comments for Ruby Code - Usage, Single and Multi-Line - About.com
Use comments to annotate your Ruby code. ... Commenting Ruby Code ... Comments in your Ruby code are notes and annotations meant to be read by other ...
How Do You Comment Your Ruby Code? - About.com
Commenting Ruby code is a good way to leave notes and annotations for other programmers, but it's not always easy to decipher. How do you comment your ...
Commenting Delphi code - About.com
Commenting Delphi code. Learn the art of helping yourself, when it comes to code maintenance. The purpose of adding comments to Delphi code is to provide  ...
How and Why to Comment Your PHP Code - PHP/MySQL - About.com
To remind yourself what you did. Although at the time you may just be writing a quick script for yourself, and don't see the need for commenting, it is a good idea  ...
What Are HTML Comments and How Are They Used?
HTML comments allow you to write notes about the code, hide old information, and hold reminders on the page. Comments are not seen by the people viewing  ...
Flash Tip: Commenting Out ActionScripts - Animation - About.com
Comment out your ActionScripts using preceding backslashes to insert notation, or inactivate blocks of code.
Implementation Comments - Java Tutorial - About.com
Java comments are either explanations of the source code or descriptions of classes, ... If the line of code you are commenting is indented then make sure your ...
Comments - JavaScript - About.com
You may do okay when you write your Javascript code in the first place but coming ... Uncomment the code and try commenting a smaller section to narrow down ...
How to comment out large amount of source code - Delphi - About.com
To comment a simple line of code you could use // before that line. To comment few lines you could use { } or (* *). But, if you have a large amount of code that ...
Comment Your XML - Web Design/HTML - About.com
XML comments are very similar to HTML comments. tags create a space for you to keep your code clear.
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