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Command Definition (CMD Commands, DOS Commands, Etc.)
A command is a very specific instruction to a computer to perform some kind of action. In Windows, commands are usually entered via Command Prompt.
Windows Vista Command Prompt Commands (Part 2) - PC Support
Part 2 of a complete list of Windows Vista command line commands, commonly referred to as DOS commands and CMD commands.
List of Windows Vista Command Prompt Commands - PC Support
The Command Prompt in Windows Vista provides access to well over 200 powerful commands used to automate tasks, perform troubleshooting and diagnostic ...
List of Windows XP Command Line Commands - PC Support
Almost 180 Windows XP commands are available in the Command Prompt. See a complete list of Windows XP commands, commonly referred to as CMD or ...
List of Windows 8 Command Prompt Commands - PC Support
A complete list of Command Prompt commands in Windows 8. Around 230 CMD commands exist in Windows 8, often incorrectly referred to as DOS commands.
Linux Commands and Shell Commands - About.com
There are two kinds of commands used in Linux: Built-in Shell Commands and Linux Commands.
Linux Commands - Command Library - Man Pages - About.com
Linux Commands Man Pages: Command Name, Synopsis, Description, Options, and more.
Shell Commands Libraries - Linux Unix - About.com
References for A-Z shell commands used on Linux and Unix.
Linux Commands - Command Manual - About.com
A complete Linux commands linbrary. Manual pages for all Linux commands, from A to Z.
Linux Commands and Shell Commands Libraries - About.com
[The Linux Command Library] contains two command linbraries: Linux command library and built-in shell library.
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