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OptionParser--Parsing Command-line Options the Ruby Way
Ruby comes equipped with a powerful and flexible tool to parse command-line options, OptionParser. Once you learn how to use this, you'll never go back to ...
Command-line Options--Long Form and Short ... - Ruby - About.com
Command-line options are necessary in any script that's run from the command- line. While you can prompt for user input with gets, this can quickly become ...
Adding Command Line Parameters to Video Game Shortcuts
A more advanced method of beginning a game with command line parameters is to begin the game via the command prompt. However, this method is more ...
ipconfig - Windows Command Line Utility - Wireless/Networking
From the command prompt, type 'ipconfig' to run the utility with default options. The output of the default command contains the IP address, network mask and ...
Shutdown Command (Examples, Options, Switches, & More)
The shutdown command is a Command Prompt command that can be used to shut down, restart, log off, or hibernate your own computer. The shutdown ...
The Linux Screen Remote Terminal Window Manager - Commands 2
Here is a comprehensive list of command line options: -a specifies that screen should support all capabilities in the termcap used be a window; -A specifies that  ...
unzip - Linux Command - Unix Command
This option need not appear at the end of the command line; it is also accepted before the zipfile specification (with the normal options), immediately after the ...
Running Delphi Applications With Parameters - About.com
How to pass command-line parameters to your Delphi application and how to handle them.
Format Command (Examples, Options, Switches, & More)
The format command is used to format a partition to a file system. The format command is available from the Command Prompt and MS-DOS.
List of Control Panel Command Line Commands - PC Support
A complete list of Control Panel command line commands for each Control Panel applet available in Windows 8, ... Accessibility Options, control access.cpl, XP.
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