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What Are Debt Collections and How Do They Affect You
Different creditors and lenders have different policies for sending accounts to collections. Reviewing your credit card or loan agreement will give you some ...
Tactics For Paying Off Debt Collections - Credit/Debt Management
This is especially true for more recent collections. You can improve your credit score by getting these collection accounts deleted from your report or at least ...
Remove Debt Collections From Your Credit Report
Technically, debt collections are supposed to stay on your credit report for seven years. But, there are a few ways to remove debt collections before that time ...
5 Reasons to Pay Your Debt Collection - Credit/Debt Management
As long as you have outstanding debt collections, you'll probably continue getting calls from debt collectors. A cease and desist letter may end calls from one ...
How to Find Out Who Sent You to Collections
Every account with a collection agency was sent by another business. Finding out who sent you to collections can be as simple as asking the collection agency  ...
What to Do if Your Account Is Sent to Debt Collections
Most companies will allow your account to be delinquent for a few months before they turn it over to a debt collections company. The debt collections company is ...
Should You Pay an Old Debt Collection? - Credit/Debt Management
It's no secret that debt collections are bad for your credit report. Any past due account, debt collections included, can have a negative effect on your credit score ...
The Museum System (TMS) Collections Management Software
The Museum System (TMS) is a collections management software designed for art museums, art galleries, corporate and private art collections, and for artist ...
Medical Office - Patient Collections - Medical Office Revenue Cycle
Maintaining excellent customer service while still offering excellent customer can be a challenge. Learn the do's and don'ts of patient collections practices.
Keep Business Debt Collections Off Personal Credit Report
Debt Law: How to Keep Business Debt Collections Off Your Personal Credit Report. The Importance of Working With Creditors. By Lahle Wolfe · Women in ...
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