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Interacting with External Programs - Ruby - About.com
You've learned how to launch external programs using both system or backticks and using the exec method. These are both fine, but only on one condition: the ...
Capturing the Return Value of an External Program
Ruby makes it easy to run external programs and capture their output. Using the built-in "backtick" operator is as easy as running these programs from the ...
Is the "Require" Method Overlooked in Ruby? - About.com
... in Ruby. It allows you to import other source files into your programs. ... In Ruby , the require method is used to load another file and execute all its statements.
How to Execute and Run Applications and Files with ... - About.com
Executing and Running Applications and Files from Delphi Code. ... Let's say we have a database application that uses some external backup utility. The back ...
Creating and Using DLLs from Delphi - About.com
A Dynamic Link library, or DLL, is a collection of routines (small programs) that can ... Using Delphi, we can write and use our own DLLs, and we can call functions in ... from an external program (the remaining 3 are "sub procedures" in ...
Run Batch Files (DOS Commands) From Visual Studio - Visual Basic
The ability to run a batch file (DOS command file) isn't built into Visual Studio. ... Reference that program using the External Tools selection in Visual Studio.
Java: Calling outside programs and commands in Java?, api java ...
May 22, 2005 ... api java, shell commands, java program: To execute external programs you would use: Process someAppProcess; //Handle to the process, you ...
Comparing Static and Dynamic DLL Loading With Delphi - About.com
Before you can call routines defined in DLL, you must import them. ... by declaring an external procedure or function (static), or by direct calls to DLL ... acts as a shared library of function, that can be called by applications and by other DLL...
How To Verify File Integrity in Windows with FCIV - PC Support
A checksum, also called a hash or hash value, is produced by running a ... This program is freely available from Microsoft and works on all commonly used ... Tip: Did you get a "'fciv' is not recognized as an internal or external command.
How to Build an External Style Sheet - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Learn how to create and use external style sheets on your site. ... You call it in a similar way to calling a linked style sheet, only it must be ... One External CSS File to Speed Up Page Downloads · CSS Editing Software: Which is Right For...
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