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Boolean Expressions in Ruby Control Structures - About.com
A boolean expression is an expression used in a conditional or loop construct that decides which path the Ruby interpreter should take. In other words, Ruby will ...
Using Boolean Operators in Ruby - About.com
While simple boolean expressions will get you pretty far, you'll soon find yourself wanting to act on more than one condition. For that you'll need boolean ...
Control Flow - Ruby - About.com
A "boolean" expression is any expression that is intended to be evaluatated as true or false. Any expression may be used as a boolean expression, but generally ...
Logical Expressions - About Visual Basic
Complex logical expressions are not often required in Visual Basic programs, but when they are, it can be really difficult to get them right. This article is a practial ...
Using Bitwise Logical Operators in Visual Basic - About Visual Basic
When you have a mixed expression, like the one above, the Boolean expression is evaluated as though it was a signed integer. This can be a useful technique.
Java Term of the Week: Ternary Operator - About.com
Jun 6, 2009 ... The first operand is a boolean expression; if the expression is true then the value of the second operand is returned otherwise the value of the ...
Conditional Operator Definition and Explanation - Java - About.com
Conditional operators are used to evaluate a condition that's applied to one or two boolean expressions. The result of the evaluation is either true or false.
Operators, Operands, and Boolean Logic - PHP/MySQL - About.com
But in programming it's not THAT simple, the operands can also be variables, strings, other expressions, or Boolean values. So for example a + 5 = b - 6, the ...
Boolean Operator - Boolean Algebra - Boolean Logic - PHP/MySQL
Boolean logic is a type of decision making utilized by computers to decide if a ... for A and B to both be true, since they are both true, this expression is TRUE.
expr - Linux Command - Unix Command
The operators permitted in Tcl expressions are a subset of the operators permitted in C ... Boolean less, greater, less than or equal, and greater than or equal.
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