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Boolean Expressions in Ruby Control Structures - About.com
A boolean expression is an expression used in a conditional or loop construct that decides which path the Ruby interpreter should take. In other words, Ruby will ...
Using Boolean Operators in Ruby - About.com
Simple boolean expressions will only get you so far. What if you want to take a certain action if someone is older than eighteen, but younger than sixty-five?
The Curious Case of the Flip-Flop - Ruby - About.com
These types of flip-flop expressions look at bit different. First, they're ... Second, the left and right of the Range expression itself are usually boolean expressions.
Boolean Algebra and Logical Expressions for Visual Basic ...
Complex logical expressions are not often required in Visual Basic programs, but ... guide to the most popular and useful techniques such as Boolean Algebra, ...
Beginning Lambda Expressions - An Intro to Lamda in VB.NET
In fact, getting started with lamda expressions is really easy. This article ... Notice that both return a boolean type (True, in this case, after converting to string).
What Does Boolean Search Mean? - Web Search - About.com
What is Boolean search? Find out what it means to use Boolean search, and learn to search more effectively by using specific search operators.
Conditional Operator Definition and Explanation - Java - About.com
Conditional operators are used to evaluate a condition that's applied to one or two boolean expressions. The result of the evaluation is either true or false.
The Double Bang Operator: !! in Ruby - About.com
It's technically not its own operator, but two unary bang (boolean negation) operators strung ... The bang, or boolean negation operator, is a unary prefix operator that ... Boolean Expressions · Boolean Operators · TrueClass, FalseC...
Conditional Statements - Ruby - About.com
If the boolean expression X is true then perform X, otherwise perform Z. ... Any expressions can be used in place of X, even those using boolean operators.
Operators, Operands, and Boolean Logic - PHP/MySQL - About.com
But in programming it's not THAT simple, the operands can also be variables, strings, other expressions, or Boolean values. So for example a + 5 = b - 6, the ...
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