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Mixin Modules - Ruby - About.com
... newy) # Move all points to be centered around newx,newy end end class Image include Drawable def draw # Use blitting to draw image end def move( newx, ...
Programming An Odometer in C with SDL - C/C++/C - About.com
If you only need one or two sizes of text and want to display or animate it rapidly then blitting graphics is faster. That's what this article is about. Unsure About ...
Game Programming in C Tutorial Five- Snake - C/C++/C - About.com
The height is 21 pixels. Then just blit that character into the screen and advance the x coordinate of the destination blot. Compared to TTF printing, it's a lot faster.
Qbasic, Quickbasic: BLOAD, ntvdm cpu has encountered an illegal ...
Mar 31, 2007 ... Take care, and have fun blitting, Alex~ ---------- FOLLOW-UP ---------- QUESTION: ok, so I put in the code, but it says i need an expression ...
An SDL GUI for Empire Tutorial Three - C/C++/C - About.com
Rendering text is slightly slower than just blitting bitmaps so you might prefer to pre-render it in to surfaces then blit those surfaces. You'd tend to use that for ...
Game Programming in C Tutorial Eight - Asteroids Part Two - C/C++/C
It's just as quick blitting these as drawing lines and much simpler- just two lines of code. If you hit the tab key, it toggles debug mode and in debug mode, the ...

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