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How Fast Does Your Ruby Code Run? - About.com
Ruby provides a benchmarking library to make your job easy. The 'benchmark' library provides a few classes that will automatically benchmark your code and ...
Running the Ruby Profiler - About.com
The profiling library itself slows the program down considerably, making it difficult to accurately benchmark the code. Though it may seem to be a counterintuitive ...
Why JRuby? - About.com
It's reasonably fast, especially considering the dynamic nature of Ruby code, ... But the main idea to take away from these benchmarks is that JRuby is not slow.
How to Use Benchmarking in Business - Management - About.com
Benchmarking is the process of determining who sets the standard and what that standard is. It is done ... Benchmarking · How Can I Benchmark Code in Ruby?
Small Business Best Practice Benchmarking
Learn what big business already knows about benchmarking best practices and how to effectively borrow or steal ideas, tactics and strategies.
Mac Browser Benchmarks 2014 - Who's Number One? - About.com
Many browser benchmarks are developed by or in cooperation with browser makers. It makes sense that developers want to benchmark their code to ensure it's ...
A benchmark investigation into the relative performance speed of VB ...
... 6) versus VB.NET is examined and a new benchmark is provided. ... NET code ran 46.45 times faster, on average, than Visual Basic 6.0 code." Ads. &ensp.
How do I do High Resolution Timing in C++ on Windows? - C/C++/C
When doing timing or benchmarking of code, you should do a number of runs and take the average time- because of other processes running under Windows,  ...
Ruby Programming FAQs - About.com
How Can I Benchmark Code in Ruby? Benchmarking measures the time it takes to execute code and compares it to other code that accomplishes the same task.
TCP/IP Network Performance - Benchmarks and Tools
Utility software that measures TCP/IP performance at the application or protocol level can be helpful in benchmarking, troubleshooting and tuning of both local ...
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