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How to Display Your Ruby Version in Your Bash Prompt - About.com
And, especially if you switch between them often, it's easy to forget which Bash command prompt is using which Ruby version. You can solve this by putting your  ...
A Bash Prompt for Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Git - About.com
When working with Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Git, you're going to be throwing a lot of Bash commands around. In all of these cases, there are commands that can ...
Running Git Bash - Ruby - About.com
The "Git Bash" tool is a Bash prompt with access to Git. From here, you'll be able to navigate your hard drive with the cd command and go to your project ...
bash - Linux Command - Unix Command - About.com
Linux / Unix Command Library: bash. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
Bash If Statement (Conditionals) - Linux - About.com
Instructions and examples for writing IF-statements in a Bash shell script.
How to write bash FOR-loops - Linux - About.com
Instructions and examples for writing FOR-loops in a bash shell.
How to write bash WHILE-loops - Linux - About.com
Instructions and examples for writing WHILE-loops in a bash shell.
Bash Network Programming and CGI Scripts - Linux - About.com
It is possible to implement simple web services uses Bash scripts. Much of the internet is based on the CGI protocol. CGI (Common Gateway Interface) therefore  ...
Functions and Subroutines in Bash Scripts - Linux - About.com
Even though Bash is a Linux shell it has many of the capabilities needed to be a general purpose programming language, such as loops and conditional ...
How to pass arguments to a Bash-script - Linux - About.com
Oct 20, 2011 ... You can write a bash script such that it receives arguments specified when the script is called from the command line. This method is used ...
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