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How to Display Your Ruby Version in Your Bash Prompt - About.com
And, especially if you switch between them often, it's easy to forget which Bash command prompt is using which Ruby version. You can solve this by putting your  ...
A Bash Prompt for Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Git - About.com
When working with Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Git, you're going to be throwing a lot of Bash commands around. In all of these cases, there are commands that can ...
Running Git Bash - Ruby - About.com
The "Git Bash" tool is a Bash prompt with access to Git. From here, you'll be able to navigate your hard drive with the cd command and go to your project ...
bash - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: bash. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
How to write bash FOR-loops - Linux - About.com
Instructions and examples for writing FOR-loops in a bash shell.
Bash If Statement (Conditionals) - Linux - About.com
Instructions and examples for writing IF-statements in a Bash shell script.
Functions and Subroutines in Bash Scripts - Linux - About.com
Even though Bash is a Linux shell it has many of the capabilities needed to be a general purpose programming language, such as loops and conditional ...
How to write bash WHILE-loops - Linux - About.com
Instructions and examples for writing WHILE-loops in a bash shell.
How to Add Calculations to a Bash Script - Linux - About.com
Learn about the number of syntax options you can use in the Bash programming language to evoke arithmetic evaluation of an expression.
Introduction to Linux - 7.2.5. Shell scripts - About.com
When such a file is used as the first non-option argument when invoking Bash, and neither the '-c' nor '-s' option is supplied, Bash reads and executes ...
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