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Base64 in Ruby - About.com
Base64 is a way to represent any data as ASCII data. Ruby provides a few handy functions to encode and decode Base64.
Cryptographic Hashes in Ruby - About.com
For this reason, hashes are either encoded in Base64 or more commonly, in hex. The hash is a just a very large integer, representing it in hex is a natural choice.
Loading Embedded Files - Ruby - About.com
If you need to access this data manually, you can query the $data object and run Base64.decode64 with the data it returns. This can be useful if the method can ...
How Base64 Encoding Works - About Email
Find out how the clever technique of Base64 encoding makes it possible to send arbitrary data through email.
Base64 Encoding Table - About Email
The Base64 encoding table lets you look up 6-bit values and get the corresponding Base64 character.
Data URLs Can Help Speed Up Your Site - Web Design/HTML
Data URLs use the following syntax: data:;base64,. The media type is the type of image, such as image/gif or image/png . The “base64” is  ...
Base64 Definition - About Email
Definition: Base64 is a method of encoding arbitrary binary data as ASCII text. This is necessary for sending files via Internet email, which can only handle 7-bit  ...
Perl & CGI: Installing MIME::Base64 Module, perl interpreter, perl ...
Feb 8, 2005 ... I am trying to install the MIME::Base64 module on my Solaris system, but keep on getting the same error. The error message is as follows :-
perlfaq9 - Linux Command - Unix Command
The MIME-Tools package (available from CPAN) supports extraction with decoding of BASE64 encoded attachments and content directly from email messages.
Email: encoding???, html charset, ofn - AllExperts
Feb 24, 2007 ... Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 WWVzLCB0aGF0IGlzIGZpbmUhDQoNCkRlbmlzZQ0KDQo+ Pj4gIlMmRiIgPGdvbGxpZUBtaHRjLm5l
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