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Aliasing a Method in Ruby - About.com
To alias a method or variable name in Ruby is to create a second name for the method or variable. Aliasing can be used either to provide more expressive ...
What is the Difference Between alias and #alias_method?
Ruby has this mysterious thing called alias. It'll take one thing and make it have a second name. In other words, it'll take one method and give it a second name.
Anti-aliasing - Graphics Software Glossary
The definition of anti-aliasing as it relates to graphics software.
anti-aliasing - Definition of the Web term anti-aliasing
A definition of the term anti-aliasing as it applies to Web pages and Web page design.
Font Smoothing and Anti-Alias on Web Images - Web Design/HTML
Anti-aliasing or font smoothing is a technique to make flat color images and text look smoother on computer screens. Photoshop offers four levels of smoothing ...
Find Out What Anti-Aliasing Means - Desktop Publishing - About.com
This page offers an explanation of what anti-aliasing, aliasing, font smoothing, and jaggies mean in terms of desktop publishing.
Aliasing as Used in Desktop Publishing
The jagged edges on curves and diagonal lines in a bitmap image are known as aliasing. Because bitmap images are made up of square pixels on a grid, ...
Anti-Aliasing and Font Smoothing - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Anti-aliasing or "font smoothing" is a process to make your images look smooth and your text more readable online.
Is Anti-Aliasing Important to You - Is Font Smoothing Important
Anti-aliasing used to be a huge deal for Web designers. There were two sides to the issue - those who felt it was extremely important to do on all fonts and GIF ...
aliases - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: aliases. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
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