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Agile Development - Ruby - About.com
Agile development is a development methodology created to allow small groups of programmers to create high quality software in a minimal amount of time.
Test-Driven Development - Ruby - About.com
Test-Driven Development (TDD) is an important part of the Ruby ecosystem and doing things "the Ruby way." Going hand in hand with Agile development ...
Ruby on Rails - About.com
The NetBeans IDE created by Sun Microsystems is often associated with Java development. However, in the past few years, Sun has slowly been adding ...
Are You Ready for an Agile Future? - Human Resources - About.com
Agile, nimble, resilient—these words describe the people you want to hire, retain, and develop in the future. They describe the organizational cultures that will ...
Your Organization's Future Demands Agility - Human Resources
You recognize the need to employ people who display agile traits and ... In our interview, he explores finding agile employees, developing agility in people, and  ...
Agile Project Management - Logistics/Supply Chain - About.com
The ideas behind Agile have been developed over many years based on academic studies and real world experiences. The main focus of Agile projects has ...
7 Kanban Board Tools for Project Collaboration - Collaboration Tools
Atlassian, notable among software development teams, develops GreenHopper for agile project management. Recommended best uses: a story development ...
Volerro's Content Collaboration App for Agile Marketing Teams
Agile marketing offers new approach to getting work done .... The burn down chart used in agile development shows work left to do versus time. Online meetings.
The Rails 3 Way - Ruby - About.com
Chapter 18 covers RSpec and test-driven development with Rails. ... Rails and agile development isn't much without adequate tests, and implementing these ...
Twitter is Slowly Abandoning Ruby - About.com
Apr 9, 2011 ... Rails was designed to be a framework for agile development of web applications. It's not supposed to be fast, simply fast enough. And for ...
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