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A Quick Haml Tutorial - Ruby - About.com
A Quick Haml Tutorial. Tags are started in Haml using the percent sign (%). Any text that goes after this tag will go inside that tag. In addition, you can nest further  ...
A Quick Haml Tutorial - Ruby - About.com
A Quick Haml Tutorial. Finally, you can prepend any text with the equals sign to execute Ruby code. The return value of this Ruby code will be inserted into the ...
A Quick Haml Tutorial - Ruby - About.com
A Quick Haml Tutorial. There's a special syntax for making div tags with class or id attributes. The following shows both the normal form and the shorthand form.
Using Haml with Sinatra - Ruby - About.com
The following is an example of how to use Haml views in your Sinatra applications. ... Ruby Scripts · A Quick Guide to Using Environmental Variables in Ruby ...
Installing Haml - Ruby - About.com
How to use Haml to create Sinatra views and layouts.
Making Forms and Views - Ruby - About.com
haml :index ... haml :whois ... haml :whois ... haml :traceroute ... haml :traceroute ... Calculator Tutorial · How to Create Data Input Forms (Database) · JavaScript Form ... How to Fix Missing Class or Module Errors · A Quick...
Creating Database-driven Apps with Sinatra - Ruby - About.com
usr/bin/env ruby require 'rubygems' require 'sinatra' require 'haml' require 'dm- core' ... Using Haml with Sinatra · A Quick Introduction to DataMapper.
AJAX With Sinatra - Ruby - About.com
For example, if you were to click on an email message in a web mail ... :start end get "/stop" do haml :stop end __END__ @@ layout %html %head %title AJAX Example .... How to Fix Missing Class or Module Errors · A Quick Guide to F...
An Introduction to Rails: a Quick Blog Part 1 - Ruby - About.com
This two-part tutorial should get you up and running, but is far from a ... a templating language called ERB, or there are others like Haml, should you choose).
Using Sinatra in Ruby - Introduction - About.com
Advanced Ruby · Beginning Ruby · Ruby on Rails · Tutorials · Gems · Regular .... routes, how you can store and retrieve data, and how to do better views with HAML. ... A Quick Guide to Forming Command Line Argumen...
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