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Cloning 2048 in Ruby - About.com
In this series of articles, a complete clone of the game 2048 is written from scratch .
Writing a 2048 Clone in Ruby - About.com
In this series, we'll create a complete 2048 clone in Ruby, from scratch. We'll discuss the algorithm and all details involved in implementing that algorithm in ...
Analyzing the Game of 2048 Before We Start - Ruby - About.com
Before we start coding, we take some time to look at the game of 2048.
The Board Class - Ruby - About.com
The following article is part of a series. For more articles in this series, see Cloning the Game 2048 in Ruby. For the complete and final code, see the gist.
Cloning 2048 in Ruby: The Core Algorithm - About.com
Mar 31, 2014 ... The slide method is the core of the whole 2048 game. It slides all the rows to the left, collapsing any empty tiles and combining any adjacent ...
The Core Algorithm - Ruby - About.com
Finally, onto the meat of 2048. We take a look at how the board is rotated and slid to implement the game of 2048.
Wipeout 2048 PS Vita Game Screenshot - PSP - About.com
Wipeout PS Vita Game Screenshot. Wipeout 2048 PS Vita Game Screenshot - Sony. Wipeout 2048 PS Vita Game Screenshot. Sony. Gallery ...
Wipeout 2048 PS Vita Game Screenshot - PSP - About.com
Wipeout (or possibly Wipeout 2048) will bring the fast-paced anit-gravity racing game to the PS Vita. For more information see the Wipeout game profile page.
Two Dimensional Arrays in Ruby - About.com
We'll use a two dimensional array to represent the 2048 game board, but how do we create a 2D array in Ruby?
Cisco SRW2048 Default Password - PC Support - About.com
However, when you're troubleshooting a network problem and need to get in to the device, the SRW2048 default password suddenly becomes very important.
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