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Like all the Guides at About.com, we're real people. All the information, tutorials and assistance on the Ruby programming site has been created, written or reviewed by us with you, our reader, in mind.

If you have questions or comments about this site,the Ruby programming language or want to share some interesting news about what's going on in the Ruby world, please feel free to email us at ruby.guide@about.com. We may not be able answer your email immediately, though it will be read and it will be answered in the Ruby Forum, via a new article or by email.

Q. I'm having trouble with my Ruby code. Can I send it to you for review?
A. Getting individual feedback on your code can be extremely helpful and, oftentimes, necessary to complete a project. Unfortunately, due to a heavy workload, we may not be able to respond as quickly as would be helpful. Peer review, however, is a good alternative.

Post your code or request for review in the Ruby Forum. There are a number of very capable individuals to assist you and we read the forums regularly. It's also beneficial to others with the similar questions.

Q. I have a book/product/application I think you should review. Can I send you the information?
A. Please email us with the details of your project or publication. We can't guarantee we'll make mention of or review it, but we'll certainly take the time to look over the details and get back to you.

Q. I'm interested in _____ aspect of Ruby, but your site doesn't cover it. Can I suggest ideas for new content?
A. If you think there's a gap in our coverage, please feel free to send us an (polite) email with suggestions and we'll consider adding articles/tutorials to fit your needs.

Q. I found a problem in your example code or outdated information on your site. What should I do?
A. By all means, email us to let us know. Please provide as much detail as possible, including a link to the material in questions, as well as specific information as to how to fix or update the concern.
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