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Ruby June 2013 Archive


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Quick Rails 4 Blog Tutorial

Sunday June 30, 2013
Woops!  That's the word that introduced many of us to Rails back in 2005 or so, and we've come a long way since then.  What used to be a 15 ... Read More

Rails 4: Mass Assignment

Sunday June 30, 2013
One of the many changes to Rails 4 has been the changes in mass assignment.  Gone are they days you can throw form input at the model and let it ... Read More

What's New in Ruby on Rails 4

Sunday June 30, 2013
It's here!  OK, technically it's been here for a long while in beta and release candidate form, but Ruby on Rails 4.0 is now officially released.  This time around it's ... Read More

Quick Reference: Logger

Sunday June 30, 2013
While there are more comprehensive and powerful logging solutions for Ruby (such as log4r), Ruby does include a simple but capable logging interface in its standard library.

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