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Michael Morin

Ruby May 2013 Archive


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Unit Testing With MiniTest

Friday May 31, 2013
The default unit testing framework for Ruby as of Ruby 1.9.x is the very capable MiniTest.  Read on to find out how to use it best to your advantage.

Unit Testing with MiniTest: Specs

Friday May 31, 2013
While assertions are just fine, MiniTest also provides an RSpec-like interface for doing spec statements.  For example, instead of saying assert_empty a, you can simply say a.must_be_empty.  While this sounds ... Read More

Unit Testing with MiniTest: More Assertions

Friday May 31, 2013
Like Test::Unit, MiniTest provides a small library of assertions for you to use.  While you can just cram any statement into assert or refute, it's much more readable to use ... Read More

Unit Testing with MiniTest: Basic Assertions

Friday May 31, 2013
MiniTest replaced Test::Unit in the Ruby standard library as of Ruby 1.9.x.  And while it is (mostly) a drop-in replacement for Test::Unit, there are some differences and improvements.  First up, ... Read More

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