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Michael Morin

Ruby February 2013 Archive


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Rails Blog Step 4: Cleaning up the Views

Tuesday February 19, 2013
The blog is now fully functional.  You can post blog posts, authentication is implemented and a theme is installed.  Now it's time to clean up those boring views generated by ... Read More

Rails Blog Step 3: Authentication

Sunday February 17, 2013
So, you've scaffolded the posts model and installed an attractive WordPress theme, time to get down to it.  First thing we need to do is add some authentication.  Eventually, users ... Read More

Reviewed: RubyMine 5.0

Friday February 15, 2013
I've always been a Vim person.  I didn't want an IDE, don't let all those "features" get in my way, just give me a solid editor and leave me to ... Read More

Rails Blog Step 2: Wordpress Theme

Thursday February 14, 2013
In the previous step, we scaffolded a Posts model, which gave us a good head start.  But it's just blank white pages, nothing good to look at.  Now, instead of ... Read More

Writing a Blog in Rails Step 1: Scaffolding

Tuesday February 12, 2013
Woops!  It's been a long time since this now infamous demo, and Rails has come a long way.  The core ideals are still there, but the execution is certainly different. ... Read More

Creating a URL Shortener in Rails

Tuesday February 5, 2013
The following is a complete guide to developing, styling and deploying a URL shortener service (a la TinyURL.com or bit.ly) in Ruby on Rails 3.  Implementation of this (rather simple) ... Read More

URL Shortener in Rails: Part 5

Tuesday February 5, 2013
Now that the application is more or less complete and styled, it's time to deploy.  While this might sound like a difficult subject, there is one service called Heroku that ... Read More

List Operations in Ruby

Monday February 4, 2013
List operations are at the heart of many programming languages, especially Lisp-based or inspired languages.  If you first learned to program on such a language, you see all problems as ... Read More

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