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Michael Morin

Ruby September 2012 Archive


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Must-Read Ruby Links

Sunday September 30, 2012
Every programming languages has a few resources, sites and communities you just must read.  Ruby is no different, and here are a few of the links that absolutely must be ... Read More

Rails 4 HTTP Requests 2 or 3 Times Faster

Sunday September 30, 2012
All Rails HTTP requests for new pages will be 2 to 3 times faster.  Why is this?  Turbolinks will be enabled by default.  Read on to find out how this ... Read More

Everything about Object Oriented Programming

Sunday September 30, 2012
It's difficult to deny that object oriented programming is at the heart of Ruby.  Yes, you can write small scripts without writing any classes, but not, you're not avoiding object ... Read More

Everything about Strings

Sunday September 30, 2012
Continuing with our "everything about" series, here is everything you'll want to know about strings.   Remember, these are not comprehensive references, these are just enough to get you started.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Control Structures

Sunday September 30, 2012
I imagine the first computers were rather simple, running through a set of instructions and producing a result.  Load a new program (or, as it were, rewire the entire computer ... Read More

Reading Files

Tuesday September 18, 2012
Ruby programs rarely exist in their own world, they need some way to communicate with the outside world, store data or load data, and one of the primary ways of ... Read More

Review: The Heroku Hacker's Handbook by Randall Degges

Tuesday September 11, 2012
Cloud computing.  It's the newest thing, but it's also quite confusing if you're just getting started.  No longer can you just buy a simple hosting plan, upload some code and ... Read More

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