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Shoes 2 "Raisins" Released

By December 15, 2008

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An early version of Shoes 2 (codenamed "Raisins") has been released. This release marks a major milestone and includes a number of features that makes Shoes a lot more usable and practical.

  • An improved online manual. The online manual can be viewed by pressing Alt-? or ⌘-? on OS-X, or by running shoes -m. This manual is also available online at help.shoooes.net.
  • The Packager allows you to bundle your Shoes application with a Ruby interpreter for a number of platforms. Sending someone a simple executable that will run your Shoes application is a lot easier than trying to explain to them how to download and install Ruby, then Shoes, then run your Shoes application. The packager can create executables for Windows, Linux and OS X. Start the packager by running shoes -p.
  • The RubyGems Setup feature will let shoes automatically install Gems the Shoes application needs. This means you don't have to worry about distributing a version of the gem with your application, Shoes will handle it for you.
  • In short, this is a huge release. It's a huge step forward for Shoes and something you really need to take a look at. A full list of the new features is here and you can install the new version from Shoooes.net.

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